Moringa Fortified fruit Tea (Moringa Tea)

Project Name: 

Moringa Fortified fruit Tea (Moringa Tea)

Project Period2020 A.D – 2022 A.D


Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald Landesverband Hamburg eV, Germany, Central Campus of Technology Tribhuvan University

Primary Beneficiaries: 

Women and Adolescents in Nepal


In Nepal, the nutritional status of mothers, adolescents and children under five is extremely poor. For children, anthropometric deficits vary with ecological zones, in that stunting and underweight are more prevalent in the Mountains and Hills and wasting in the Terai. Over the last 20 years, no improvement has been observed in the nutritional status of children. According to NDHS 2016 almost 36% of the U5 children are stunted, 27% are underweight and 10% are wasted. Nepalese women are highly affected by malnutrition especially in non-mountainous regions. Iron deficiency anemia arises when the balance of iron intake, iron stores, and the body’s loss of iron are insufficient to fully support production of erythrocytes. Iron deficiency anemia rarely causes death, but the impact on human health is significant. Due to the high prevalence of malnutrition in most of the communities and age groups in addition to that poverty and low employment rate especially in rural women there is a need for programs that address both malnutrition as well as poverty which are becoming the major hurdle for development in Nepal. In addition, 40.8% women of reproductive age and 52.7% children under five are anaemic. Overall, the prevention and successful treatment for iron deficiency anemia remains woefully insufficient worldwide, especially among underprivileged women and children


1. Empowering Local women Group by giving priority job to manufacture Moringa Tea for promoting employment and social security for Local women

2. Eradicating anemia  prevalent in women, adolescents and children .

Program Activities

  1. Lab Analysis 

At first there will be lab analysis and sensory analysis of moringa fortified fruit tea in the lab of our partner central campus of technology. 

  1. Manufacturing plant registered und cottage industry registration

Most of our employees will be rural mothers and poor women with fresh graduates of university.

  1. Workshops and seminars with Provincial government

The workshops will enlighten government official and elected representative about the project

objectives and its outcome. Beneficial stakeholders and province benefits will be shown clearly

  1. Advertisement

Social media and other platform will be used for advertisement of product that are been prepared

by rural women. In addition to that facebook and other platform will be used to ignite the

movement in other places and communities.

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